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MSU Denoising VirtualDub Video plugin 2.5
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MSU Denoising VirtualDub Video plugin 2.5

Publisher:Graphics&Media Lab V ideo Group
Platform:Vista, Windows
Requirements:VirtualDub 1.4.x or AviSynth 2.x
Install:No Install Support
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Publisher's Description:

MSU Denoising VirtualDub Video plugin - Free high-quality video denoising plugin for VirtualDub. Uses GPU for ultimate performance. Easy to use: there is fully automatic mode and several presets for different noise levels. Filter is designed for video quality improvement by noise removal, and video preprocessing for better compression or deinterlacing. Use of GPU mode allows faster then real time high definition video (HDTV) processing. The filter suppresses noise in both spatial and temporal domains.For each type of denoising different properties could be set in the propery box. With specific combinations, spatial-only or temporal-only denoising could be enabled.

List of Changes:

Version 2.5 from 2008-05-12


Free high-quality video denoising plugin

Download Now
File Size: 1.1 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Megandy23 2010-12-21 14:20:16 #
Version: 2.5

Thanks. I used it on an old and badly-edited series of videotapes that had been digitized by someone else to produce poor-quality VOB's I converted to AVI with 'Handbrake'.Unfortunately I could not see that the MSU Denoising plug-in had any noticeable effect on such AVI's. Thanks for making it available however.

Hannesm 2010-12-12 08:12:10 #
Version: 2.5

Sorry, not for MAC, or??

Russ 2009-04-27 15:15:36 #
Version: 2.5

Had a Christmas movie done with my camera, the noise and darkness was horrible that we could barely make it out. I tried this application and within minutes had a lovely Christmas movie clear as can be. Thanks Guy,


Vukovicm 2008-11-03 07:51:41 #
Version: 2.5

It looks like fine solution...

...for noise on VHS video. Although my video is very very damaged, I manage to get decent results with this plugin!

mekurabushi 2008-10-15 02:19:53 #
Version: 2.5

msu rules

Fantastic, very useful filter, removes the noise even from realy dark footage. Thanks!

Patrice.remy 2008-06-23 05:48:09 #
Version: 2.5

crash under virtualdub 1.81

Unfortunately, both and crashed under virtualdub 1.81. One crashed intermittently; the other, always.

I was using a matrox mjpeg compressed avi file & was attempting to convert it to divx or xvid. I used filters under virtualdub such as resize & deinterlace, along with one of the msu plugins.

My PC: win2k, amd duron 700mhz, 320mb ram, matrox marvel g400 agp-4x.

I guess the plugins work ok on older versions of virtualdub, but it would be nice to see them work with the latest versions as well.

Patrice Remy

Keith.f 2008-05-31 02:21:59 #
Version: 2.5

Version 2.5 crashes VirtualDub!

It just crashes VirtualDub as soon as I 'add' this filter! Error message "An out-of-bounds memory access (access violation) occurred in module 'VirtualDub 1.7.7'......reading address 00000000."
This happens with three different versions of VirtualDub (1.5.4, 1.6.11, 1.7.7). An earlier version of MSU Denoiser (v.1.6) does not do this. How come you can release an apparently faulty piece of software? Because of this problem I can only give it a 'poor' rating but it should really have no rating at all. I hope you can fix this soon.

A Holmes 2007-03-04 04:05:14 #
Version: 2.5

Trying out the MSU Denoising VeDub Vid Plugin

Having found some very early VHS video camera holiday and family movies I had taken. I thought it time to transfer them to Dvd. The quality was not great and while searching for advice on web, I came across the MSU Denoising VirtualDub Video Plugin and decided to give it a go. Simple to use but effective, am highly delighted with the results and would recommend it wholeheartedly
A Holmes

Download Now
File Size: 1.1 Mb